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Erin Kelly - Co-Founder, MemberVault

Mike Kelly - Co-Founder, MemberVault

We’ve Identified the #1 Way to Stand Out From The Noise in 2018 (and 3 Simple Steps to Put It Into Practice Yourself)

This is for you, if you have:

  • Low Open Rates for Your Emails: If people aren't opening, they aren't going to buy or engage.
  • Stress About What Emails to Send: Targeted emails get better open rates, and better conversions = more $$ from your list.
  • No Idea Who Your Biggest Fans Are (Or What They Are Interested In): If it feels like you're emailing blindly, you're going to LOVE our easy methods to identify your hottest leads. 
  • Content Chaos: Are you creating endless content, trying to find the RIGHT thing to grow your list, and lead into your paid offers?
  • Zero Special Plans to Engage & Delight Your Biggest Fans: These are your hottest leads, and your loudest cheerleaders. Don't they deserve something special? Don't you want to know who they are?

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Don't go into 2018 with the same methods you've been using -- start having some FUN with your list, and your content, without running the endless content creator hamster wheel.

Important: We HATE boring content, it makes us want to run screaming into the night, arms waving in the air. So this WILL NOT be boring, and it WILL BE extremely actionable. Get your lifetime 24/7 access below.

Your hosts for this training, Mike & Erin Kelly, eat, breathe and dream about engagement techniques for a better user experience 🎉 -- and have used that knowledge to create a wildly popular content platform called MemberVault, where you can create dynamic user experiences that allow for gamified content, insightful tracking and auto-tagging that talks to your email service so you can send on-point targeted emails.